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918kiss, the most detailed review of 2020-21. Read to know about starting to play online casino here.

Hello everyone, If you have never known The online casino named 918kiss Malaysia. This review, I intend to make out a detailed review to answer all the issues that everyone wants to know. Also, 918 kiss is the first online casino that came out in the casino. In the form of a popular mobile app Fastest growing until now
It also supports both Android and IOS systems, with many different games. If you are a famous gamer like card games, Baccarat, and slots, you shouldn’t miss out. Not only that, but the 918 Kiss app also collects simple games for us to play with. That has to be known, such as dice, roulette, and fish shooting games. Many people are hooked. Ready to make a lot of profit with it To conclude, we can see this review.

918kiss Malaysia
Online Casino APP

What is 918kiss

It is an application to play online casino. You can install it to play on mobile phones Focus on playing via mobile phone only What makes the 918 kisses so popular today is because it’s a brand that has rebranded or changed its name from The online casino is called scr888.
Therefore, 918 Kiss and scr888, both of these names are the same casino. If looking back at the past, scr888 has been opened, and everyone knows it since (2016). After that, when it started to grow to a certain extent after two years, casino executives wanted to change the brand name. Remember more easily To support future growth. Therefore, they changed the name to Kiss 918 itself at the beginning of (2018), and 918kiss 2020 has grown to the present. As can be seen in the graph below.

I have checked the growth rate from google trends, which filtered online search statistics from Malaysia.

918kiss 2020
Trend of 918kiss review

If asked if it is reliable

If playing casino with 918 Kiss, I can say that through the game is good, and there are a lot, you choose a reliable agent to open an account with him, after which you will get an account. Let us take that account to log in. You can play this app straight away I’ll talk about the steps. In the next section.

918kiss, What games are available?

If talking about casino games, gambling games that are currently available Can say that there is a lot. Only the slot brands are already spilled into 50 brands, but there are also popular and not-so-popular brands. For 918 kisses, he will collect only the most popular games from around the world, such as Macau. Come together so you can play through the app.
Some of the popular games on other online casino websites are 918 Kiss. ​​He deals with game makers. I have also included in the Kiss brand as well.

Fish Shooting Game

918 Kiss Shoot Fish, this game has many online casino websites that are very popular like online players. Or the real casino side at Poipet I can still see it as a table. This game is called Fishing Star.

918kiss download apk
918kiss shooting fish - 918kiss review

Online Baccarat

Play baccarat online for free. OneGold88 We are a provider of real-time online baccarat. They are sent directly from the casino. Players can see the cards dealt. Before starting betting in 20-30 seconds, Baccarat Online is a charming game. There are a lot of gamblers players who can still receive cash prizes from the competition.
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Baccarat games in the 918kiss app

Online slots

Online slots games within the 918 kiss app are available to play. There are many themes, such as the example below is a pirate theme.

918kiss download link
Online Slots Games - 918Kiss Reviews

Horse racing game

If anyone likes to bet on a horse, 918Kiss apk the horse carriage is there to play at this game straight away. Saw and miss the game First-generation game machines Family version

918kiss pc download
918kiss the horse


Roulette games also have Has all the basic betting features. There may be no live video. Look at it as it is spinning. May not have hope with steel balls Regardless of where it goes, it’s alright. Play it. Have fun.
If combined Let’s count; there are more than a hundred games together. Anytime anywhere Notice that it is a game that is straight away. It is not a live data retrieval from a real casino to show. Or maybe called display
There are many more games like Sic-Bo and many more. You have to try to click on the app by yourself. Click and learn how to play by yourself.

918kiss download android
Online games are played over a network with other people

Game style in 918 kiss

The games in this app are divided into two groups, which are Play with computer Or play online That if you play online, You and your friend will open the game as well. But if playing with the laptop Is like playing with someone’s device. The result is different. But both of you must use real money to play.

Example list of games that have

  • Moterbike
  • Witch
  • Wukong
  • Easter
  • JinQianWa
  • FortunePanda
  • RobinHood
  • Alice
  • AfricanWildlife
  • Seasons
  • Laura
  • Pirate 
  • Belangkai
  • Sicbo
  • Hulu cock
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Hold’Em
  • CasinoWar
  • PokerThree
  • SinglePick
  • Thunderbolt
  • King Derby
  • SteamTower
  • DragonMaiden
  • TopGun
  • FootBall
  • OceanKing
  • DaShengNaoHai
  • LikuiPiYu
  • Fishing Star
  • Roulette
  • The bull
  • DragonTiger

There are many more. Recommended to apply Go and try to play it by yourself. Most of the above are the most slots games.

Advantages vs. disadvantages 918 Kiss


  1. There are a lot of slots games in 2D style.
  2. The slots game has a progressive jackpot, which is a jackpot that if you break when rich instantly
  3. Have all the main products via casino, baccarat, slots, roulette, poker
  4. Suitable for pure players Have an app installed on the phone


  1. The app does not show the correct results. On new mobile phones, the picture looks stretched. If ever, try playing a big online casino. Will find that the graphics are more beautiful
  2. There is no categorization of which games, slots games, card games to clear. You will have to remember or try to click into it. People deal with live cards to watch.

I asked if 918kiss is good?

In general, there are all the important games in one app. Easy to apply Like other casino brands No need to open the browser, type in the URL of the website, just install the app once. Click to play immediately.

Some people who have installed the app and ask, “Why? Why isn’t the app so pretty? But why is the casino 918 Kiss so famous because He started from the brand scr888 before. Have been marketing for two years, then gradually change the brand, rebranded into Kiss brand. It was opened a long time ago. It is also the first person in the initiative. Remove online casinos Stuffed into the platform in the form of applications. He made the first It’s so famous.

Although there are other casinos currently doing apps based on 918 apps, it’s even more beautiful, but people who play are already familiar with Kiss and then tell others.


Agency promotions for customers

For anyone wanting to know about the bonuses that the agents have played, I can read the 918 kiss promotion article. I wrote it in great detail. What are the promotions Describe the conditions for receiving the promotion, including the request process and samples.

System support

You can play 918 Kiss on mobile phones only. Because this brand of casino Created in the form of an app, supporting operating systems

  • Android *
  • IOS 32 Bit iPhone lower than or equal to 5 and below (older versions are rarely used now)
  • IOS 64 Bit iPhone above 5s Plus or above
  • Click here to go to 918kiss download apk

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

  1. Can I play on my computer?

Actually not because it doesn’t have the main website for direct gaming Must be installed as a mobile app only But because today’s technology develops Allowing us to install the emulator on the computer onto android and install the 918 apps and play it as well, but the game graphics will be displayed the same as on mobile phones

2. Where can I download android?

Yes you can, from this 918kiss download link

3. How much is the minimum deposit?

Kiss 918 doesn’t have a minimum deposit. You can just deposit 1 MYR to open a new account with Agent. But will have a minimum withdrawal fee of 250 MYR.

4. Like to play baccarat with slots, do you have techniques to help?

We now have two major teaching articles, Baccarat and Online Slots. You can learn how to play. In order to take the strategy Or the formula used to win the game in Kiss 918.

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