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Instant poker bonuses comparing to regular deposit and
reload poker bonuses have one great advantage. After you make
a deposit you get the
money instantly in your poker account
You get the bonus as poker cash. Therefore, after you
make a deposit and take advantage of instant cash deposit
bonus, you will have a total of your deposit and the
instant cash bonus instantly in your account that you
can play with! No need
to clear the bonus
. The only rule is
that you must earn a minimum number of poker points
(or play a certain number of raked hands)- roll over
(play through) the deposit and bonus amount certain
number of times from the time you made the deposit before
you can cashout this instant deposit bonus.

Many poker players prefer instant play poker bonuses because
instant bonuses at online poker rooms have many important
advantages. Here are just some of them:

  • build your bankroll faster – instant poker bonuses are
    deposited to your real money account not players account
    what means you can use them in cash games or tournaments,
    more money means more tables at the same time or higher
    limits what in the end affects your bankroll and you
    are able to build it much faster with instant bonuses
  • stand more bad beats – instant poker bonus provides addition to your poker
    bankroll that can prove very important when you suffer
    bad beats and bad streak of luck, because with instant
    poker bonuses you have more money left in your bankroll
    and can recover lost money
  • become a winner even
    if you are break even or losing player
    – lets say you deposit $100 dollars and you get $50
    instant play poker deposit bonus, then after you reach the raked
    hands requirement you need to cash out the bonus you
    have lost $20 but in fact with the $50 bonus you won

Become winner with instant poker bonuses brings you list of poker rooms that offer
the biggest instant deposit
. Some of them offer even no
deposit poker bonuses
so that you can try their poker room
without risking anything and then if you like it and
can be profitable (or break even) you can take advantage
of instant deposit bonus they offer.


Free instant bonuses can be offered at online poker rooms as stand alone bonuses (you get only the instant bonus) or on the top of the regular deposit bonus (you get both instant and regular pending deposit bonus).

Before you make your first deposit make sure first to learn how to play poker as well as advanced poker strategy topics either at poker strategy portals or by reading poker books or watching poker dvd. If you are busy to spend your valuable time on reading poker books or studying complicated poker concepts another option may be poker software that will help you gain edge over other poker players. Simple poker odds calculator can do miracles for beginners, advanced players will benefit from poker tracker software.

Poker Chips

Poker Chips Instant Poker Bonus List
poker room restrictions instant bonus minimum deposit pending bonus how to claim
USA, TR, IL, EE.. £10
on top
£5 100% up to £250 Make first deposit to get the £10 instant bonus (£5 in tournament tokens and £5 in cash)
USA, CY, LT, TR 30% – $30 +
on top
$10 70% up to $70

Make first deposit of at least $10 using code EDBN to qualify for the bonus

most EU countries allowed + AR, RU £20
on top
£5 100% up to £200 Make deposit of at least £10 to recive £20 worth of tournament tokens instantly
USA, IL, TR £20
on top
£20 150% up to £500 Min £15 deposit is required to qualify for the bonus. The instant bonus will be credited immediately after deposit and can be used for both poker and casino games
USA, CA, FR, DE, IT, NL, ES… €15
on top
€5 100% up to €200

Make first deposit of at least €5 to get two €5 tournament tickets and €5 side games bonus.

USA $15
on top
$10 100% up to $400 Open real money account and make a deposit to get instant poker bonus
  • alone – stand alone bonuses that cannot be combined with regular pending deposit bonus, you get only the instant bonus
  • on top – bonuses that can be combined with pending bonus and are received on top of the regular bonus
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